Supplier Shipping Policy

Pacific Rack Outfitters LLC has unilaterally determined that the establishment of supplier shipping policy is necessary in order for our business to
continue to maintain its business operations as well as highly regarded reputation as a retailer with its costumers and the general public. The policy is as follows:

* Pertains to orders placed with suppliers of products to Pacific Rack Outfitters and for products that are available to ship.

* Orders that ship out four business days after an order is submitted and acknowledged by a confirmation from the supplier will incur a $1,000 base fee plus $100 per day fee until that order is shipped

*This policy is held for the supplier of products. If the supplier uses a third party to ship its products, we consider the third party and the supplier as one and the same.

* Any delays incurred by the shipping company do not apply to this policy. The supplier is not held liable for any delays from a third party shipping provider.

* Pacific Rack has the right to amend, change or alter this policy as needed with or without notice. Fees must be paid pursuant to the details in the billing invoice.

Policy example: On Tues 6/13 Pacific Rack placed and order with a supplier ‘Z’ for products. The available products in this order were not shipped by the supplier until Weds 6/21, with no mitigating circumstances for the delay. In this instance 6/19 being a federal holiday doesn’t count as a business day. This shipment comes 6 business days and 9 calendar days past when the order was submitted and acknowledged by the supplier. In calculation of the policy fee, the supplier will incur a base fee of $1,000 for being four business days past original order day plus a daily fee of $100 for each additional day after the late shipment window. The total fee in this instance would be $1,200. If the order is shipped on 6/22, the fee will be $1,300 and so on until the order is shipped.

Why does Pacific Rack have this policy?
-Pacific Rack is a retailer with both an ecommerce and brick and mortar presence. Our business depends on the timely receipt of inventory in order to function as a business. Late delivery of goods results in both lost revenue for our business as well as damages our reputation with our customers. In order to protect our revenue sources and reputation with out customers, Pacific Rack has a tacit agreement with its suppliers to ship available products in a timely manner in line with industry standards. This standard is to ship products normally within 1-2 business after an order has been placed, with 3-4 days being abnormally slow but an outside acceptable limit. Delays in shipment past this timeframe have severe negative impacts on our business. In order to recoup lost revenue from these delays and incalculable damages from upset customers who depend on a timely receipt of goods, we have enacted this policy to protect our business.

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